1970 Corvette Registry Supporters

The following Suppliers, Corvette related businesses and WebHosts are also 1970 Corvette Registry members or supporters!  They help us achieve our Registry Mission Goals by providing web-space, discussion forums, vehicle data and technical expertise.  Many of them are also vehicle and component restorers or parts suppliers. 
Please consider utilizing the services of your fellow 1970 Corvette Enthusiasts.

Dave Strickland - Delco Remy ignition parts: NOS AC spark plugs, ignition points, condensers, distributor caps, ignition coils.  TCS items, gas filters, AC NOS oil filters, ballast resistors etc. Glovebox paperwork items: owners manuals, radio instructions, key envelopes etc. Corvette News magazines, NCRS Restorer and NCRS driveline magazines. NOS and used tested Guide T-3 headlights.  Stricksr@aol.com
AC Enterprise Classics & Street Rods

No warranties or guarantees are made or implied.  These businesses are owned and operated independent of the 1970 Corvette Registry.
This webpage is provided as a courtesy to 1970 Corvette Registry Members and supporters.
If you would like to have your corvette related business listed here, please contact me.
I reserve the right to refuse to list any suppliers I consider incompatible with the registry mission, goals and philosophy.