1970 Glass and Mirror Survey

This survey is being conducted by Erv Schlepp.  If you can contribute information from your 1970 Corvette, please contact Erv or Juliet.

The letter at this link was sent to the current membership via e-mail on behalf of the 1970 Corvette Registry by Erv Schlepp.  If you didn't receive one, that means your e-mail address is not in the current online database.  Send Juliet an e-mail with your new address if you would like the information in the online database updated.  Be sure to include the last 5 digits of your 1970 Corvette VIN.

1970 Corvette Glas Date Code Survey Study
                          Date: 9/21/2003
Response Report
VIN Build Body AC or Tinted Winshield Windshield Driver Side Driver Side Pass. Side Pass. Side Outside Mirror Outside Mirror Rear Window Rear Window Owners
  Date Style Glass Opt. Date Code Mfg Date Date Code Mfg Date Date Code Mfg Date Date Code Mfg Date Date Code Mfg Date Name
138 5-Jan Coupe       CV Nov-69 CV Nov-69         Don Ferguson
531 9-Jan Coupe   CV Nov '69 CV Nov '69 CV Nov '69     AV Sep '69 Chris Hewitt
1743 23-Jan Coupe       VV Dec-69 CV Nov '69 Non Original   AV Sep-69 Matt Munera
2650 5-Feb Coupe AC NT Jan-70 VV Dec-69         YV Oct-69 Bill Williamson
2802 5-Feb Coupe   VV Dec-69 CV Nov-69             Roberto Luis
2947 6-Feb Coupe                       Juliet Page
3271 10-Feb Convertible                       Richard Gmitter
4021 17-Feb Convertible   NT Jan-70 NT Jan-70 NT Jan-70   Oct-69     Dann Duncan
4037 17-Feb Convertible   CJ Nov-78 JY May-72 NT Jan-70         Andrew Meikle
4102 18-Feb Convertible AC                     Juliet Page
5345 2-Mar Convertible AC     NT Jan-70 CV Nov-69         Jay Replogle
5856 6-Mar Coupe   YI Nov-75 NT Jan-70 CV Nov-69         Bill Williams
6242 10-Mar Convertible        NT Jan-70  NT Jan-70 K AX 9   Nov-69 CV Nov '69 Ralph Spears
6510 12-Mar Coupe AC     NT Jan-70 NT Jan-70         Jeff Aheuer
6853 16-Mar Coupe AC     XT Feb-70 XT Feb-70         Scott Eddy
6996 17-Mar Coupe   AL Sep-74 XT Feb-70 CV Nov-69     XT Feb-70 Chuck Swartley
7864 26-Mar Coupe   NT Jan-70 XT Feb-70 VV Dec-69 A - AX - 70 Jan-70 XT Feb-70 Roger Sulimirski
8047 31-Mar Coupe   NT Jan-70 VV Dec-69 NT Jan-70 1-DM1 -4 Jan-74     Mike Blanding
8909 12-May Convertible AC LV Mar-69 XT Feb-70 YV Oct-69     CV Nov-69 Ervin Schlepp
9034 13-May Convertible       XT Feb-70 YV Oct-69         William Evers
9308 15-May Convertible       NT Jan-70 CV Nov-69         Chris Giannetti
9790 20-May Convertible       XT Feb-70 LT Mar-70 8-DCA R 6       Eddie Raines
10014 21-May Convertible AC     XT Feb-70 LT Mar-70 11-DCA R-1       David Allen
10323 26-May Coupe AC YI Nov-75 NT Jan-70 LT Mar-70 2-DMI-0 Feb-70 TV Aug-69 Curt Fleener
10371 26-May Coupe AC     LT Mar-70 LT Mar-70     LV Mar-69 Tom Nordman
10378 26-May Coupe   M53   LT Mar-70 LT Mar-70 2-DMI-0 Feb-70 UN Jul-71 Scott Swenson
13374 25-Jun Coupe   IT Jun-70 XT Feb-70 LT Mar-70 5 -DMI-0 May-70     Barry Chappell
13812 29-Jun Coupe   M53   LT Mar-70 LT Mar-70     GT Apr-70 Roger Abshire
14161 2-Jul Coupe                       Dave McClure
15055 11-Jul Convertible AC     LG Mar-77 LG Mar-77 7-DMI 7 Jul-77  IL   Barry Crump
15591 16-Jul Coupe   M53   XT Feb-70 IT Jun-70 7-DMI-7 Jul-77 IT Jun-70 Andy
16201 22-Jul Convertible       IT Jun-70 IT Jun-70         Tom Balzer
17052 29-Jul Convertible   M19   NT Jan-70 IT Jun-70 5-DM-0 May-70     Roger Abshire
Number of Responses:  33                  
Percent Coupes: 54.5%                  
Percent Convertibles: 45.5%                  
Percent with AC: 30.3%                  
Percent  with Original Windshield Date Code: 24.2%                  
Percent with Original R Door Date Code: 78.8%                  
Percent with Original L Door Date Code: 81.8%                  
Percent with Original Mirror Date Code: 21.2%                  
Percent with Original Coupe Rear Window Date Code: 55.6%   Note: Original questionnaire did not request rear window information, thus % is not correct.  
Percent with Original Convertible Rear Window Date Code: 16.67%