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These photos are taken from Juliet's original C60 optioned 350/300 convertible, #04102 with a B18 (February 18, 1970) build date.  The compressor seized unfortunately, and the system requires rebuilding.

Here are some things to note while viewing the photos...  The original green foil on the label isn't nearly as sparkly as the reproduction ones.  The font on the date is very different than the other fonts on the labels.  The only item visibly stamped into the label is the date code, MMDDYS where MM=month, DD=day, Y=year (0 for 1970) and S=shift.  The label has a clear overlay on it which is peeling in one spot where an incorrectly routed heater hose rubbed a hole in the label.  

Judging by the paint on the bolts, the compressor was painted AFTER assembly.  However the back side of the clutch and the rivet heads on the back side of the clutch are all painted black as well.  The pulley is also black.

The installation shims contained no paint, just a zinc (?) finish.  The head markings of the various bolts on installation vary.  I'm not 100% certain which of these bolts are original and which are replacement bolts.  They were wire brushed and cleaned up prior to taking the photo with the grouping of AC compressor installation hardware.  I didn't not see any evidence of any paint on them (only some light rust/corrosion) prior to cleanup.  Sorry, I didn't take a 'before' picture of the hardware. 

I can't really tell if the valve on the back  of the compressor was masked or installed after the compressor was painted.  The visible part of the valve appears to be paint free and doesn't seem to have a visible masking line.  However, the other valve on the side of the compressor is definitely painted black.  The electrical attachment appears to have been masked.  Furthermore there is a section on the flange adjacent to it which has no paint.  Considering that my car had 44k miles on it when I purchased it, I doubt that the electrical wire was on and off enough times to wear the paint off on this spot, however I can't be certain.  The lack of paint there I suspect is due to paint not being applied there because of a mask over the electrical connection.  

The brackets were dip painted.  In the photos below I have already repainted the brackets, but I left the original drip mark (very obvious in the photo of the large bracket) and just painted over it.  The compressor rebuilding and the AC system restoration will be performed by Tony's Corvette Shop in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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