1970 Corvette Registry
History & Information


Mission:  The 1970 Corvette Registry mission is to research, gather production data, educate, promote and foster enthusiasm for ALL 1970 Corvettes.

1970 Corvette Registry History:  This registry started out as one of my crazy ideas ...during finals week, (May 2000) no less! It began as a fun game, a "1970 Virtual Lineup" on the Corvette Forum where we sequenced our 1970 corvettes in build order. Well, since there is no 1970 Corvette Registry anywhere that I've found online this seemed like a pretty good start at gathering information about our beloved 1970 Corvettes. 

The data is being used to determine how many of each color with which options were produced... information and statistics not maintained by General Motors. Once I get a large enough (whatever that means!) number of entries I will put together some color and option distribution charts, and maybe even publish the results in the National Corvette Restorers Society magazine, The Restorer or some of the other fine Corvette publications.

I have created an online input registry data form here.  So far it seems to work OK with Microsoft Explorer, but some have reported problems with Netscape and AOL's browser which I have not yet been able to debug. I'm an engineer who usually programs with Fortran not HTML!  If the input form isn't working properly, you can just e-mail the basic information to me directly.  Click here for an e-mail-able list of data requirements.  Simply highlight the list, and copy and paste it into an e-mail.  Thanks!  Juliet@JulietPage.com

The 1970 Corvette Registry has become the great resource that it is due to the dedication of many corvette enthusiasts.  Since it's founding until April 2005 Don Ferguson was instrumental in gathering car data and tirelessly verifying the data base accuracy.  It is with great sadness that I report the passing of my friend Don Ferguson on April 25, 2005.  For many years Don has been a dedicated 1970 Corvette enthusiast, and since this registry started 5 years ago he has selflessly donated many hours of his precious time.  Don, may you continue to enjoy the thrill of the Corvette throughout eternity!  On behalf of the 1970 Corvette Registry membership, we send our warmest condolences to the Ferguson Family.  A donation has been made in Memory of Don Ferguson to the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of the 1970 Corvette Registry Members.

Since summer 2005 another 1970 Corvette enthusiast, Scott Sims has stepped up to the plate to provide valuable assistance gathering car specifications from every source imaginable!  I not quite sure how he does it, but Scott manages to find 1970 Corvettes hidden in every nook and cranny on the internet seemingly every day!!  Scott, thanks for all your tireless efforts and gentle nudging to keep me moving forward with this growing project.  :-)  More recently, in 2008 two others have been helping with the registry, Mike McCaul in Tuscon Arizona and Kurt Neiman in Ontario Canada.  If you have questions about technical details, registry questions or need more information about 1970 Corvettes, don't hesitate to contact any of us.

For those of you concerned with personal anonymity:  I have an anonymous listing feature whereby your car entry can be made, yet your name, location and personal information remains anonymous.  All data is manually entered into the registry by me, so rest assured, it won't "accidentally" appear online. The Online registry is not "live."  Just be sure to let me know of your wishes with the input data.  I have also begun a second database, which contains other data I have acquired from various publications for which I have been unable to obtain permission to re-publish on the web.  As a result, this off-line database will be maintained in private and NOT available to anyone other than myself.  If you desire, your vehicle information can be placed in the unpublished database.  Be sure to specify in your e-mail or in the online submission form whether you desire your information to be A) Published Online B) Published Anonymously or C) Off-Line Only.  Option C) means all your personal and vehicle data remains confidential.  If you have any other questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact me.  :-)    Juliet@JulietPage.com

Note to others with Corvette data: If you have gathered any 1970 corvette data with original factory specifications and would like to share it will the Corvette Registry, please don't hesitate to contact me. I will give due credit or maintain anonymity and share information on the web or maintain the data in the Off-Line unpublished database. My goal is to obtain the most complete listing of 1970 corvettes in terms of sheer number of vehicles with factory engine / option specifications for historical research purposes. I know there are other databases with more detail for each vehicle and it is not the intent of this Registry to rival that level of detail, but perhaps benefit (with permission of course) from the efforts you and others have put forth, and perhaps share the publishable portion of of my work towards the development of your database.

(c) Copyright 2008, Juliet Page, All Rights Reserved for data, format, presentation & analysis.