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The 1970 Corvette Registry is proud to support the National Corvette Museum!

The National Corvette Museum

Excerpt from the NCM Welcome letter:  "Since 1953 the Corvette has been America's Sports Car. The National Corvette Museum was established as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation with a mission of celebrating the invention of the Corvette and preserving its past, present and future."
In August, 2001, the 1970 Corvette Registry established a special fund at the NCM towards the purchase of a Jumbo (24"x24") NCM Brick.  You can see some bricks, and view the details of exactly how a brick supports the NCM at the NCM web site (link above).
In support of the brick fund a portion of the proceeds from 1970 Corvette Registry Merchandise will be sent directly to the NCM.  You may also donate monies directly into the NCM brick fund.  Just be sure to mention that your donation is to be credited to the 1970 Corvette Registry Brick Fund.  You can donate either on line, by phoning 1-800-53-VETTE, or by mailing a check to:
The National Corvette Museum
350 Corvette Drive
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101
Be sure to mention that your donation is for the 1970 Corvette Registry Brick Fund.
Thank you for your support in this worthy venture!  ~Juliet