1970 Corvette Registry Input Form


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The intent of this registry is to gather original corvette specifications as delivered from the factory for as many 1970 Corvettes as possible. Dealer installed options (such as side pipes and passenger side mirrors) are not being considered or tracked in the database at this time.   In order to develop a statistical database, a large number of data entries are required.  Please feel free to enter information, even if incomplete. 

Accuracy is of paramount concern; if in doubt, select unknown or leave the section blank.  I will accept data inputs from vehicle owners (current or former owners), from attendees at car meets and events or corvette enthusiasts who have had the opportunity to inspect the vehicle in person, discuss the original equipment and options with the current owner or learn about the vehicle from a publication.  Please answer the questions to the best of your ability based on documented or known information.  If you are unsure whether particular options or equipment were original to your vehicle in 1970, please do not include them in the original equipment sections.  However, feel free to notate such information in the comments section.   Thank you for your participation.   ~Juliet

  1. Please enter YOUR information:

    Your Name

    E-mail address
  2. Select which Information you want to appear in the ONLINE database:
    Include my VEHICLE SPECIFICATIONS in the ONLINE database.
    Include my FIRST NAME in the ONLINE database.
    Include my LAST NAME in the ONLINE database.
    Include my E-MAIL ADDRESS & First Name in the ONLINE database.
    Include my CITY in the ONLINE database.
    Include my STATE in the ONLINE database.
    Include my COUNTRY in the ONLINE database.

  3. How did you obtain the 1970 Corvette Information
    I am the Current Vehicle Owner
    I am a Former Owner of this Vehicle
    I am a 1970 Corvette Registry spotter, tirelessly scouring the internet and local car events for cars! (If using this option, please put your name & required source tracking info in Q18.)
    I saw this car at a meet / show or other corvette event
    I saw this car online. (Please enter the link in Q18.)
    I am entering this car data for a friend
    I inspected this car myself
    I read about it in a Publication
    I am a car dealer / service center and have had access to this vehicle.
    Anonymous... Can't say where or how I saw this car! And don't list my info online either please.

  4. Please enter the 1970 Corvette OWNER Contact Information (leave blank if unknown).

    Owner's Name(s)
    Online Nickname
    E-mail address
  5. Enter the Build Sequence Number - This is the last 5 digits of the Vehicle Identification Number.  The VIN is found on a plate riveted to the driver side windshield pillar, visible through the windshield glass.  Ie, VIN 194670S404102, enter 04102.

  6. Please enter the Vehicle Configuration:

    Convertible Soft Top - White
    Convertible Soft Top - Sandalwood
    Convertible Soft Top - Black
    Convertible Hard Top - Standard - Exterior Color
    Convertible Hard Top - Black Vinyl

  7. Which engine originally came with the car?

    Base - 350 cu.in. 300 Hp
    L-46 - 350 cu.in. 350 Hp
    LT-1 - 350 cu.in. 370 Hp
    ZR-1 - 350 cu.in. 370 Hp (Only 25 believed to be produced)
    LS-5 - 454 cu.in. 390 Hp

  8. Enter ALL the numbers / letters stamped onto your engine block.  You will find the Plant / Date code and the 3 letter Engine Suffix Code and a VIN derivative if you are still in possession of the original (not decked) engine block.  ie: 70S404102 V0212CTG

  9. Please select the original Transmission:

    Automatic, Turbo Hydramatic 400 LT-1 not available with TH-400 trans.)
    Manual, 4-spd (Unknown M-20 or M-21)
    Manual, 4-spd M-20 (Wide Ratio)
    Manual, 4-spd M-21 (Close Ratio, Not offered from the factory with Base 300 Hp engine)
    Manual, Heavy Duty 4-spd (M22 only 25 believed produced with option code ZR1)

  10. Choose the original Rear Axle Ratio:

    3.08 : 1
    3.36 : 1
    3.55 : 1
    3.70 : 1
    4.11 : 1

    The Trim Tag is located on the driver's door jamb below the windshield pillar post.  This contains factory ordered color and trim options.  Please read the codes carefully, for example, 3 and 8 are often difficult to discern. 

    The example shown is Juliet's car, Build date B18 (Feb 18, 1970), Interior Trim 411 (Bright Blue Vinyl), Exterior Paint 979 (Bridgehampton Blue).

  11. Please enter the Build Date code as it appears on your trim tag:

    1- Letter Single-Digit Month Code
    2- Number Two-Digit Date Code
  12. Please enter the Interior Color Trim Code

    400 - Black Vinyl
    403 - Black Leather
    407 - Red Vinyl
    411 - Bright Blue Vinyl
    414 - Brown Vinyl
    418 - Saddle Vinyl
    422 - Green Vinyl
    424 - Saddle Leather

  13. Enter the original Exterior Color code:

    976 Mulsanne Blue
    979 Bridgehampton Blue
    982 Donnybrooke Green
    992 Laguna Gray
    975 Marlboro Maroon
    993 Corvette Bronze
    974 Monza Red
    986 Cortez Silver
    972 Classic White
    984 Daytona Yellow
    SPC Special, Delivered in Factory Primer

  14. Please select from the following factory Options only those which you believe to be original, as delivered from the factory, back in 1970.
    C60 - Air Conditioning
    N40 - Power Steering
    J50 - Power Brakes
    U69 - AM/FM Radio
    U79 - AM/FM Stereo Pushbutton Radio
    UA6 - Alarm System
    N37 - Tilt / Telescopic Steering Column
    A31 - Electric Power Windows
    A85 - Custom Shoulder Belts (option for convertibles only, standard equipment for coupes)
    C50 - Rear Window Defroster
    P02 - Custom full wheel covers
    PU9 - White Letter Nylon Tires F70x15
    PT7 - White Stripe Nylon Tires F70x15
    C07 - Auxiliary Hard Top
    C08 - Hard Top Optional Vinyl Covering
    T60 - Heavy Duty Battery
    G81 - Positraction Axle, Optional Ratio
    ZR1 - Performance Package (only 25 of these were built in 1970!)
    NA9 - California Emissions Package (Required on all Calif Delivered Cars)

  15. Was this originally a California delivered Vehicle? (Note all LT-1s were delivered with the A.I.R. system so existence on your LT-1 car of the AIR system is insufficient to determine original California Delivery. The Build sheet or knowledge of original owner / dealer location is required to confirm California Delivery.)
    Yes No Unknown

  16. Please enter any other pertinent information such as awards, current color, engine and options if modified since original or any other information you would like to appear in the online registry.  Please keep it short & use common abbreviations. 180 characters maximum.

  17. How did you learn about the existence of the 1970 Corvette Registry?

  18. Please enter any comments or questions here.

1970 Corvette Registry Input Data Form.  Revision 12/28/2009.
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